Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Koji Uehara: "I'll Keep Pitching Until No One Wants Me"

Koji With A Fan (FenwayNation Photo)
Seemingly fully healed (from a broken wrist) and in good spirits, Koji Uehara is in Red Sox camp ready to take on eighth-inning duties. With the acquisition of new closer Craig Kimbrel, Koji is now pushed back to a set-up role—and he's OK with it. When pressed about possible retirement (he will be 41 years old on Opening Day), Uehara said the following (with a chuckle): "I will keep pitching unless I am terrible and no team wants me." Lest we forget, Uehara has delivered mind-boggling numbers for The Carmine Hose over the past three years (72 saves, 1.86 ERA,  0.771 WHIP). On more than one occasion—both at the park and on TV—we have marvelled at how he continually fools great hitters with his devastating, fall-off-the table splitter (tailing in on righties and away from lefties). Hopefully, he will be just as devastating in his new role.