Tuesday, January 5, 2016

'Mookie Does Moose Hunting'—Or, Wants To At Least

Talk about your Renaissance Man. Not only does Mookie Betts patrol the outfield with the best of them, he can also hit, and Ten Pin bowl in elite tournaments. Now we learn that he wants to take up moose hunting. In a recent Tweet, he made known his desire to bag a Wapiti Cervus Canadensis (Latin for moose—we think). As Seth Koenig of The Bangor Daily News points out there is precedent for Carmine Hosers heading to Maine for recreation. Not surprisingly, Jonathan Papelbon shot moose there in 2006, and Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski did a lot of striper fishing there back in the day. It's OK, Maine was part of the Bay State until 1820 for crying out loud! If there are some DownEasters who want to take Mookie on the hunt, DM him!