Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Could Byung-Ho Park Be The Sox Solution At First?

(Yonhap News)
UPDATE: Park will be posted.
Korean free-agent 1B Byung-Ho Park may become available after the World Series through the "posting process" between MLB and the Korea Baseball Organization. Under the posting rules, all 30 MLB teams can submit sealed bids for Park—with the winner getting the exclusive rights to a negotiating window. The 6'1" 236 lb. Park might be a good alternative at first base to the likes of Chris Davis or Justin Morneau. The 29-year old Park hit 52 HRs last year—after clouting 37 and 31 in the previous two seasons. Of course, Boston could just stick with 2015 surprise Travis Shaw—who is just 25. Reportedly, the Red Sox had "contact" with Park's agents during Spring Training—when his team (the Nexen Heroes) trained in Arizona. Stay tuned!