Sunday, August 30, 2015

Grudging Support For NOG's 'Re-Energizing' Of TV Crew

O'Brien, Remy, Orsillo
As loyal readers of FenwayNation know, we are not big fans of the NOG (New Ownership Group). However, when Tom Werner explained the recent ouster of TV play-by-play man Don Orsillo, it did resonate with us. Werner—speaking with The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley—stated that the broadcast needed to be "re-energized" after 15 years of Orsillo and Jerry Remy making the calls. Moreover, the opportunity to go with Dave O'Brien—perhaps the finest baseball broadcaster in America—was too good to pass up. The confluence of these two ideas—the need to refresh and the chance to get O'Brien—proved too much of an enticement. Grudgingly, we have to agree. Orsillo is a capable, extremely affable local guy. O'Brien is extraordinary, also affable and also local. O'Brien's current Red Sox broadcasts are "must-listen radio"—insightful, dynamic, Ned Martin-like. Hopefully, Dave will have Jerry doing color next season—although NESN seems to be hedging their bets on that commitment as well. All in all, not seeing Don and Jerry next year will take some getting used to—we will miss the banter, the uncontrollable laughter and the general goofiness. But, in the end, the NOG made the right move.