Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sox Trade Victorino To Halos For IF Rutledge

Just before Monday night's game, the Red Sox traded away a vital piece of their 2013 World Series Championship team—Shane Victorino. Boston sent The 'Flyin' Hawaiian' to the Angels—along with $3.8 million—in exchange for infielder Josh Rutledge. The 26-year old Rutledge is known for both his offensive and defensive prowess in the infield—an area where injuries have recently hurt the Red Sox. Victorino broke down and cried at the press conference announcing his departure and said the following, "It's very emotional, for more reasons than one. I set out, and as I said from day one, I wanted to come here and I wanted to finish my contract here. That's one thing as an athlete, you always strive and you focus on that and when you sign in a place." We'll miss you, Shane!