Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sloppy Duel Of Hosiery Ends In Pale Hose Win

Before Tonight's Game At Fenway (FenwayNation Photo)
Sitting through tonight's game at Fenway Park was like watching two 'punchy' boxers flail at each other for 12 rounds—with one boxer not fainting at the end. After exchanging leads back and forth all night, The Pale Hose of Chicago topped The Carmine Hose of Boston, 10-8. After Joe Kelly coughed up four first inning runs to put Boston in an immediate hole, the Red Sox stormed back to tie it at four apiece—partly on a mammoth 2-run HR by David Ortiz. Then it was a see-saw battle of ineptitude until Chicago emerged on top. Mookie Betts did add three hits and two RBIs in the losing cause—the tenth loss in the last twelve games.