Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Don't Forget Shane Victorino's Big 2013 RBIs

Victorino Breaks Down At Farewell Press Conference
Back in 2004, Red Sox fans heaped tons of praise—deservedly so—on Derek Lowe for winning each of the three clinching post-season games on the road to glory. As we say 'goodbye' to Shane Victorino, we should be mindful of a similar feat The Flyin' Hawaiian performed in 2013. Victorino knocked in the winning run in each of the three clinching post-season series games in that magical year. That's pretty special. And something we should never forget. And don't underestimate the positive power of his optimistic walk-up song—Bob Marley's 'Gonna Be All Right (Three Little Birds)'. Fans adopted it as one of their favorite Red Sox sing-along anthems. He was a solid player for most of the time he was healthy in Boston, and it will be tough to find a player who can so skillfully roam the no-man's land that is right field in Fenway. Best of luck, Shane!