Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lucchino 'A Little Embarrassed' By Sox Play

Red Sox President & CEO Larry Lucchino
It turns out that some of the Red Sox brass are as upset about the 2015 Carmine Hose as most of us fans. Larry Lucchino—appearing this morning on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan Show—admitted that he has been 'embarrassed' by the play of his nearly $200 million team. Said Lucchino, "I would say I am a little embarrassed, particularly by the overall performance. We expected much more, and I wonder what kind of conversation we’d be having today if we had won yesterday instead of lost and I’d come into this conversation with a four-game winning streak and a major uptick. We were six games behind yesterday with more than half a season remaining to be played, yet it still feels frustrating, it’s still disappointing." Lucchino went on, however, to defend the acquisitions of both Hanley Ramirez and Rick Porcello—suggesting that judgement on both should not be made on a half-season of evidence.