Wednesday, July 15, 2015

David Ortiz Goes To Bat For Boston Olympic Bid

Papi Promoting Olympics
The group pushing Boston's 2024 Summer Olympics bid has enlisted one of the city's most revered sports heroes to make their case. In a video released today, Boston 2024 features David Ortiz praising Boston's sports-savvy fans and claiming that the Olympics will make the city "even more special" than it already is. Clearly, the group feels it needs the firepower of spokespersons like Big Papi and Larry Bird (both of whom are on their Board) to turn the tide of opposition to the Games. It's still unclear exactly how voters will be heard on this issue—maybe a binding referendum that would be held maybe statewide. It's mostly confusion that reigns on this whole thing—and, frankly, the Ortiz video doesn't really help clear anything up. You can see the whole video HERE.