Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Red Sox Are Looking At Frasor (But Not Frazier)

(Getty Images)
Hold on, Sox fans, The Carmine Hose are not looking into acquiring The ToddFather. But they are "kicking the tires" on a player with a similar sounding last name—that is, relief pitcher Jason Frasor. You might remember Frasor when he toiled for the Blue Jays and Rangers—but he was more recently released by the Royals. Oddly, the 37-year-old's ERA (1.54) was pretty darn good working out of the mega-loaded KC bullpen. However, his strikeout and walk rates were both heading in the wrong direction—so he was shipped out by the reigning American League champs. Boston could use just about any warm (and experienced) body in the 'pen—to address what is a major weakness of the 2015 team. Reportedly, the woeful Mariners are also interested in Frasor. So, it could be a 'bottom-feeder' bidding war. Stay tuned!