Friday, August 8, 2014

Manny Being Mentor Has Paid Off For Cubbies

(Mary Willie, The Register via AP)
When Theo Epstein made Manny Ramirez a "player-coach" at the Cubs AAA ball club, he was roundly mocked (including on these pages). Now, it appears that tutoring from Manny has resulted in the resurgence of at least one Cubbie prospect—one Javy Baez. In three games since being promoted from AAA Iowa,  Baez has three HRs and five RBIs. Says Baez about Manny, "He was great. I learned a lot of stuff from him. He helped my approach to right-center, his routine every day, going to the cage, the way he works. He’s always got a bat in his hand doing something, either swinging the bat or just hitting in the cage. He talked to a lot of the guys. A lot of people learned from him." This is not surprising since Manny's work ethic was never criticized during his stay in Boston. Manny Being Mentor.