Friday, August 8, 2014

Andover's Michael Chiklis Stays Loyal To Sox

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He's a fixutre in Tinsel Town these days, but his hardball heart remains in Kenmore Square. Michael Chiklis grew up in Andover, Massachusetts—just a few exits north of Fenway Park up Route 93. The star of TV's "The Commish" and "The Shield," and the big screen's "Fantastic Four", Chiklis still roots for The Carmine Hose from 3,000 miles away. As he recently recounted to, "Probably my favorite place in the world is being at a baseball park. What can go wrong at a baseball park? It's the greatest place in the world and always reminds me of having a good time, being with my family, watching the boys of summer, having a beer and enjoying my life." While he claims the Dodgers as his 'second team', their exploits will never match the joy he felt in 2004. After the clinching game that year, he got a long-distance call from his grandmother back home, "She says, 'The last time these guys did this, I was 1!' Best quote of the century -- literally." Besides, there's no LA equivalent to Kenmore.