Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First Sox Player (Pedroia) Is #32 On Salary List

The next time the NOG cries "poor-mouth" about how much they have to spend on player salaries, remember that the highest ranking Red Sox player is #32 on the MLB list of contracts. That player is none other than The Muddy ChickenDustin Pedroia. His total contract value of $110,000,000 is a mere $182,000,000 less than that of Miguel Cabrera ($292,000,000). The next Red Sox player is John Lackey at #43 ($82,500,000). But next year, he will be playing at the major league minimum. Next, at #87 is Shane Victorino ($39,000,000), followed by Mike Napoli at #104 ($32,000,000). While all of this fiscal responsibility is great—it also allows John Henry and company to be among the wealthiest team owners in the world. How much for a Fenway Frank this year????