Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OOOO-E-Hara! Sox Denied Sweep By Backup C

(AP Photo/Mike Carlson)
Can't you just hear the haunting words of Kevin Millar? "Don't let us win tonight....." Unfortunately, the Red Sox did let the Rays win last night—in a 4 hour 19 minute barn-burner, 5-4. Where do you begin on this one? The Sox build a tenuous 3-0 lead on a error and a couple of clutch hits, then watch it evaporate on one swing by Evan Longoria. They fall behind 4-3. only to tie in in the ninth against Fernando Rodney "Dangerfield". Then, in the greatest absurdity of all, previously untouchable Koji Uehara—after getting two quick outs—gives up a game-winning HR to back-up backstop Jose Lobaton. Yikes. Questions will abound on this one: Why didn't John Farrell walk Longoria? Why did Dustin Pedroia get in the way of Stephen Drew on a critical infield hit? Why was our hottest hitter—David Ortiz—lifted for a pinch runner? None of it matters. Peavy has got to win tonight.