Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sox Fan Tossed From Juice Box For Ray-Icide?

In case you thought last night's 5-4 walk-off loss to Tampa wasn't weird enough, think again. There's a report that a Red Sox fan was ejected from the BigTopPeeWeeDome for reaching into the moronic ray tank and tossing one of the sea creatures onto the ground. Other reports have the creature dying—the ray, that is. First of all, there are no reports beyond this one TWEET by an obscure "Kentucky Sports Television host". Second, no mater how drunk a Bostonian is in Tampa, it's hard to imagine them carrying out such a dumb activity. In any event, let's put these cowbell-ringing, pom-pom-waving losers out of their misery tonight—Rays fans, that is.