Monday, October 7, 2013

Boston Native Cobb Looks To Deny Sox Sweep

On October 7th, 1987, Alexander Miller Cobb was born in Boston, Massachusetts—twenty days shy of the one-year anniversary of the Red Sox losing the 1986 World Series. The young right-hander will take to the hill tonight to try to deny the team from his 'birth' city of a 'berth' in the ALCS. Cobb has been the Rays' best pitcher over the last month or so—although the Red Sox got to him for three runs on seven hits at the 'Juice Box' on September 11th.  Both Shane Victorino and Daniel Nava each have four hits off Cobb, while Dustin Pedroia is 5-18. Tonight will be the 28th time these teams have met since the start of Spring Training.