Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fan Buys Game One World Series Ticket For $6

Photo by 'Erik' Via Deadspin
UPDATE: StubHub Comps Fan For Fake $6 Ticket
Trust us, you want this guy to come with you to Cumby's to buy a MegaBucks ticket. The guy—known only as "Erik"—purchased a ticket on StubHub to Game One of the World Series at Fenway for the grand total of $6.00 (including $3.00 in service and delivery fees). Apparently, the poor seller of the box seat ticket misplaced a decimal point—but Erik doesn't care! As everyone who has frequented America's Most Cramped Ballpark knows, you can't get a Fenway Frank and Coke for six bucks (for the record it will cost you $9.00). Congratulations Erik! However, watch out for any irate season ticket holders lurking around Gate B on Ipswich Street come Wednesday night.