Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Casting Call Out For Roles In Bill Lee Movie

If you think you could play the role of 38-year old Bill "Spaceman" Lee in a movie, your fifteen minutes may have come! Sports Studio Casting is looking for a few good (and preferably bearded) men to play the lead roles in the upcoming movie (titled, of course, 'The Wrong Stuff') about the Senior League career of the former Red Sox pitcher. The company is also looking for a variety of 'extra' roles. Since your humble scribe played against Spaceman in a 1992 Red Sox Fantasy Camp in Winter Haven, Florida, I'm thinking of giving it a shot (not really). But, if you look like you just walked out of a 1982 Peter Gabriel 'Shock The Monkey' concert, head on over to the casting call! It may be your lucky day!