Thursday, August 1, 2013

AAA Skipper: Bogaerts Needs To 'Marinate' More

Bogaerts 'Marinating' In Little Rhody
By all accounts, Gary DiSarcina is a good guy. He was a workmanlike player (mostly for the Angels) and is a managerial star in the Red Sox organization at Pawtucket. Appearing today on WEEI 93.7 FM, the Massachusetts native suggested that 20-year old phenom Xander Bogaerts is just not ready for 'The Show'. In fact, his exact words were: "Bogey needs to develop, needs to marinate a little bit more, needs to have some seasoning." Maybe Gary just got through watching Julia Child re-runs on Channel 2, or maybe he just got back from brunch at Maria's Breakfast & Lunch on Smithfield Ave. in Pawtucket. Or maybe it's just that the big club is playing the "Mariners".  In any event, it's still puzzling to us that the kid is not brought up to Boston to play right now.