Thursday, June 6, 2013

HS OF Meadows Is New Trendy Red Sox Pick

Georgia HS Player Austin Meadows
It seems that a new potential Red Sox draftee emerges every day. Today, it's Georgia's Austin Meadows, a 6'3" 200-pound outfielder—said to have the biggest "ceiling" in the entire draft. All the speculation will stop around 7:30 PM tonight when Boston unveils its first-round selection (at pick #7) in the MLB Draft. Meadows is generally regarded as a riskier pick than his Georgia high-school counterpart Clint Frazier (who we still believe will be the Red Sox selection). Of course, the Red Sox pretty much can't miss with the #7 choice—after all, they took Nomar Garciaparra at #9. While it's gotten very little attention, this draft is extremely important for the club. This could be the only chance for a long time to land a franchise-defining star—with the kind of impact of a Bryce Harper, Mike Trout or Stephen Strasburg. You can bet Ben Cherington will be paying more attention to this event than the game at Fenway.