Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beckett Considering Season-Ending Surgery

Photo: Getty Images Sport
According to the LA Times, Josh Beckett—currently on the DL for four weeks—is reportedly considering season-ending surgery. Beckett has been suffering from "nerve irritation and numbness in his fingers" in addition to the groin issues that put him on the DL. He will be seeking advice from the doctors who helped Cardinals hurler Chris Carpenter with a similar nerve problem. Said Beckett, "Surgery is Plan F. You always want to avoid surgery if you can. We are going to try a lot of different things in the next four weeks to try to reassess things." In his typically bizarre manner, the big Texan added, "It’s tough. I don’t want to walk around here with a ski mask and steal paychecks. That’s not fun and I want to help these guys win and be a part of that." He could have used a ski mask a time or two in Boston.