Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Making NESN Look Good In Kansas City

We'll Take Bryce Hunter To Block
As followers of this site know, we have often been critical of NESN and the way they conduct their Red Sox broadcasts. Our biggest gripe is that NESN seems to be the only sports network in America without a super slow-mo capability. Even the Royals broadcast has super slow-mo! Speaking of the Royals, and FOX Sports Kansas City in particular, we'd suggest they stop hiring raw interns for graphics jobs. The other night, during an Angels-Royals broadcast, the crack graphics crew put up a viewer poll. The question was interesting enough: 'if you had to start a franchise from scratch, which young phenom would you choose first?'. That was the easy part. The graphics displayed were not exactly in sync with reality (see pic). Wow, NESN, we take it all back.