Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ex-Red Sox Not Really The Problem For Dodgers

Don't Blame Them!
First of all, let's get one thing straight. You will not see any revisionist history here on The Great Punto Trade. How Ben Cherington was able to hoodwink the Dodgers into taking on the salary equivalent of Peru's GNP is still amazing. Nevertheless, LA's recent problems cannot be laid on the doorstep of the former Carmine Hose—except for Josh Beckett, of course. As Craig Calcaterra of NBC 's Hardball Talk points out, Adrian Gonzalez in on a tear—hitting .337 on the season. Carl Crawford is not only over the Mendoza Line, he's hitting over .300. And the centerpiece of the deal, Nick Punto, is living up to his reputation—scorching the ball at a .327 pace. So, don't blame the Boston refugees for the poor play in La-La Land. And, dude, did you see the tie-up on the 405? Like, what was that all about? (EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry, we just uncontrollably lapsed into LA Speak. It won't happen again).