Thursday, May 16, 2013

Daniel Bard Fails Again At AA Portland

Alex Greenlee, Bangor Daily News
Not that long ago, Daniel Bard was the 'closer-in-waiting' as soon as the inevitable departure of Jonathan Papelbon took place. Now, after the misguided attempt to convert him to a starter, the kid with the electric 100-MPH stuff is a shell of his former self. Chalk this one up as a major blunder by the Red Sox organization. After last night's new failure, Bard seems destined to either be sent to Florida for further instruction or simply quit. The evidence is pretty clear that he just does not have it right now. In last night's game, he pitched one inning, gave up two earned runs and walked five. Five walks in one inning! Something needs to be done for Bard soon or he will be forever lost.