Monday, December 10, 2012

Youk's Uncle Thinks He's Headed To The Bronx

Youk's Uncle's NYC Bistro
Uh-Oh! Edward Youkilis, Kevin's uncle, thinks his nephew is leaning toward joining the Pinstriped Posers. The proprietor of Edward's bistro in Tribeca says that Youk has wanted to wear pinstripes for a long time:

"Even when he was with the Red Sox, he always said he would love to play here someday. He said it would be an experience like no other...He told me he was excited when he went to the White Sox because he wanted to be away from all the drama in Boston. But then I think he kind of missed it. He told me he'd love to come here."

And Joe Bick, Youk's agent, said the player is "seriously considering" what he characterized as New York's "very legitimate" one-year, $12 million offer. Oh, the humanity!