Friday, December 14, 2012

Sox And Empire Are Now On Outside Looking In

With a mighty tectonic shift, the power in Major League Baseball has swung to the Left Coast—and away from the traditional power centers in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Heck, the new big boy in the American League East isn't even American. Your Carmine Hose and the Evil Empire again have something in common—they are both scrounging for the left-overs from the Table Of Free Agency. The Dodgers snared Zack Greinke, the Red Sox settled for Ryan Dempster. The Angels scooped up Josh Hamilton, the Yankees settled for Ichiro Suzuki. Can there be any doubt that the first Angels-Rangers series of 2013 will hold more excitement than the first Red Sox-Yankees series? Thank God Kevin Youkilis went to the Bronx—otherwise you might as well buy a ticket to see the new AL West Astros.