Friday, December 14, 2012

Sox & Cubs Snookered: Anibal Sanchez To DET

Sanchez Back To Motown (FOX)
The Detroit Tigers have managed to outsmart a former Red Sox GM and a current Red Sox GM with one move— re-signing free-agent starter Anibal Sanchez. Yesterday afternoon, sources were reporting that former Sox GM Theo Epstein had snared his former minor league phenom—the biggest free-agent signing of Theo's young Cubs career—for 5 years and $75 million. Ah, but wait! Anibal had promised the Tigers "last ups" on the contract and—unlike Josh Hamilton with the Rangers—he kept his word. So, Anibal got 5 years and $80 million. Reports also suggest that the Red Sox were in on Sanchez, but never reached the $80 million plateau.