Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sox Wouldn't Go Past 3 Years On Josh Hamilton

According to a report by's Rob Bradford, the Red Sox would not go beyond a three-year commitment with free agent Josh Hamilton. The 2010 MVP was seeking a 6-year pact, but settled on the Angels' 5-year, $125 million deal. The consistent mantra of the Red Sox brass this off-season has been "dollars, not years", and they did remain true to that line on this deal. But, truly, were they ever serious? How could they be? They knew Hamilton would never seriously consider a three-year option—unless they offered $30 million a year. Trust us, the Red Sox didn't offer that. So, this whole process leaves a bad taste in our collective mouth. Essentially, the Red Sox strung us along about their chances on Hamilton, and now we are stuck with over-paid, over-thirty marginal players for 2013. Great.