Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Sox STILL Not Out Of Hamilton Sweeps

Still Available To Sox
Incredibly, a "Red Sox source" is telling ESPN's Gordon Edes that even after the signing of Shane Victorino, Boston "shouldn't be counted out of the running" for Josh Hamilton. The twisted scenario is dependent on the Red Sox trading Jacoby Ellsbury for starting pitching—a rumor that is already out there. Victorino would move to center and either Hamilton or Cody Ross would be signed to play right. Again, there is still no credible storyline that pinpoints a club willing to take on Ellsbury for the one year he has left before his Boras-Induced Free Agency. And, of course, there's no clue as to the identity of a "front-line starter" that would have to come from that team into the Red Sox rotation. Still, the fact that internal sources are clinging to the possibility of landing Hamilton is fascinating.