Sunday, September 9, 2012

'Fire Bobby' Chants 'Rained' Down On Fenway

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
For a brief time in last night's ninth inning, nearly three hours into the game (not counting the 2-hour rain delay), a "Fire Bobby" chant emanated from the brave souls who remained in their (or, more preciscely, someone else's) seats. It was just a matter of time, and the chants were somewhat timid—testing the jeering envelope for future reference. As the Red Sox sink lower and lower into this bottomless pit of a season, those chants are likely to increase in both volume and frequency. It raises the question of when—despite their protestations—the NOG will pull the trigger on Bobby V.'s firing. Another loss at home to the pitiful Blue Jays? A sweep at the hands of the contending Empire? We shall see.