Thursday, April 4, 2019

Red Sox Lose Again, Now Have Worst World Champs Start Since 1998 Marlins

(Getty Images)
Guess what? Yet another Red Sox starter stunk up the place today. This new "Groundhog Day" season is rapidly becoming a story about an ill-prepared starting rotation—something the mainstream Boston baseball media simply doesn't address. The average Red Sox fan (who generally doesn't suck-up to John Henry and the NOG) was puzzled that—with less than a week to go in Spring Training—most of the starters had hardly any game experience. Lots of "throwing on the back fields", but very little actual live-action pitching. The excuse was (we assume) that they needed to be pampered because of the long championship run. Really—how is that working out? Anyway, today's sacrificial lamb was Eduardo Rodriguez—who lasted exactly 3.2 innings and gave up six earned runs. His 2019 ERA is now 12.38. ERod presided over the blowing of a 3-0 Red Sox lead—part of which came courtesy of J.D. Martinez and his third home run of the year. Unfortunately, he and Blake Swihart aren't enough to produce a winning team—so they lost again today, 7-3. Let's just say it. This team pretty much sucks right now—and unless the starter problem can be fixed fast, they are likely to suck for some time. We hope we're wrong—we certainly have been before. But, things are not looking good in The Nation.