Monday, January 21, 2019

Red Sox Go Bargain-Hunting To 'Bolster' A Clearly Lackluster 2019 Bullpen

We're the World Series Champions, right—we weren't hallucinating about all that stuff that happened last October? OK, we thought so. Yet, Dave Dombrowski continues to go 'on the cheap'—bottom-feeding for two-bit relievers to 'bolster' a clearly depleted Boston bullpen. This, while the guy they really need is former closer Craig Kimbrel—who is surely willing to come down on his previously ludicrous asking price (now that his market has collapsed). Now, word is that Dombrowski is trolling for the likes ofShawn Kelley, Brad Brach, Greg Holland, A.J. Ramos, Justin Wilson and Oliver Perez. Say what? Apparently, this is all in an effort to remain below the $246 million luxury tax threshold. Again, do you give a hoot whether John Henry forks over a little more of his billion-dollar fortune to MLB? We sure as heck don't. Let's not forget, Henry is the temporary custodian of our franchise. Nothing more, nothing less. He needs to pay up and get this team a bullpen that won't be an embarrassment.