Monday, January 21, 2019

Red Sox-Dodgers World Series And Rams-Pats Super Bowl An Historic First

When the 5-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots meet the 1-time Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams, there will be some sports history made. For the first time ever, cities that met in the same-season World Series will also meet in the Super Bowl. The only other time this almost happened was back in 1969—when the New York Jets and Baltimore Colts squared off in Super Bowl Three in January of that year, followed by the New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles facing off in the World Series the following October. The problem is that the 1969 match-ups were in different seasons—albeit in the same calendar year. So the current tandem Boston (New England) vs. Los Angeles tilts will make some sports history. Of course, as all right-thinking people know, the results will be two wins for Boston and no wins for La-La Land.