Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Evil Ones Sign Aging Infielder Troy Tulowitzki, Nation Collectively Yawns

(Getty Images)
As Yankee signings go, we have to say we're not all that disturbed by the acquisition of 34-year-old ex-superstar Troy Tulowitzki. Sure, The Bronx Embalmers get 'Tulo' for the MLB minimum (one year at $550,000), but getting damaged goods cheap is hardly a windfall. Tulowitzki—if truly recovered from the heel issues that sidelined him all of last year—can help The Pinstriped Posers at shortstop until Didi Gregorious returns mid-season. But then what? With the likely signing of Manny Machado in the Bronx, it seems as if Tulowitzki would be relegated to being a mere utility guy for the balance of 2019. Boston might have been able to put 'Tulo' at second base until Dustin Pedroia was completely healthy—but the former Rockie All-Star has never played that position. Also, apparently, Tulowitzki has always idolized former Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter (hence his #2 jersey), so  fine—let him go there. All things considered, we shouldn't lose any sleep over this one.