Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sox Signing Of Right-Handed RP Erasmo Ramirez Is A Real Head-Scratcher

(Getty Images)
For some unknown reason, the Red Sox are "on the verge" of signing right-handed relief pitcher Erasmo Ramirez to a minor league contract—with an invite to the major-league camp. If you look up "mediocre pitcher" in the dictionary, this guy's picture shows up. Over seven MLB seasons, Ramierz has delivered an uninspiring 4.36 ERA—which ballooned to a 6.50 ERA last year in Seattle. He strikes out about seven batters per nine innings and walks about three. What exactly is the attraction here? He does have a history of both starting and relieving—but do we really need that flexibility with five solid starters on-board—and Steven Wright in the wings? Sure, injuries always happen to rotations—but why is Ramirez seen as a good option? This move just does not make any sense—especially since the Red Sox need quality arms in the bullpen right now, mediocre arms we've got plenty of already.