Tuesday, December 18, 2018

John Henry, Distracted Again, Reportedly Looking To Buy A Piece Of NASCAR

If you were hoping that the proceeds from John Henry selling-off his $25 million Florida mansion would go toward—oh, say signing Mookie Betts long-term—fuhgettaboutit. Multiple reports are suggesting that the Red Sox principal owner is considering buying a piece of NASCAR. Yeah, you know, the mindless "sport" within which he already owns a racing team? The legendary Eddie Andelman once succinctly described auto racing as (and we paraphrase here) "turning left for several hundred miles". Indeed. Anyway, Henry is apparently interested in buying part of the moribund NASCAR sanctioning body—which has (understandably) suffered big losses in both attendance and TV ratings. So, this is sort of similar to Henry buying soybean futures in the old days when he made his billions. Oh well, too bad he doesn't focus more on—you know—baseball.