Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Nathan Eovaldi Remains The Top Red Sox Free-Agent Target This Off-Season

(Getty Images)
His epic World Series Game Three relief performance still shines in the minds of Red Sox fans. Not only did Nathan Eovaldi "take one for the team" in that marathon loss—he kept the Red Sox in the game to the very end. Appreciation for that herculean effort was demonstrated last night at the premiere of the World Series documentary—as Eovaldi got the loudest cheers of any player who appeared on the screen. Now, Dave Dombrowski is making it clear that the big Texas righty is the team's top free-agent priority. Said Dombrowski, "We've expressed we do have interest in bringing Nathan back. We've talked to him, but so have a lot of other people. There's a lot of interest in him." While the Astros have been identified as the other "hot" pursuer of Eovaldi, the pitcher has expressed an interest to stay in Boston. Eovaldi has also expressed an interest in staying in the starter role—so, even with his signing— Boston would still need to get a closer to replace the seemingly-gone Craig "I Need Six Years" Kimbrel. With clear interest expressed on both sides—the team and Eovaldi—you would think that this will get done.