Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hall Of Fame Public Vote Update: Curt Schilling Still Within Striking Distance

The publicly-released Hall of Fame ballots are now up to 14 (with 412 total to be cast). So, only 3.4% have made their votes publicly-known. Neverthless, Red Sox legend Curt Schilling is still within striking distance—in fact, he's increased his percentage since the last update. As it stands today, Schilling has garnered 71.4% of the public vote—with 75% needed for enshrinement in Cooperstown. Schilling needs just under 300 more votes (299) to reach the level for induction. Both Mariano Rivera and Edgar Martinez still have unanimous support—getting 100% of the public vote so far. Others who are beyond the 75% threshold at this point are: Roy Halladay (85.7%), Mike Mussina (78.6%) and Roger Clemens (78.6%). Others who are "closing in" on the magic 75% number are: Barry Bonds (71.4%),  and Omar Vizquel (64.3%). Fred McGriff—who had a superb MLB career—looks like he will miss out on his tenth and final chance to reach The Hall. Among the public votes cast, "The Crime Dog" has just 14.3%. Larry Walker—in his next-to-last year of eligibility—is also falling short so far. The long-time Montreal Expos, Colorado Rockies and St. Louis Cardinals slugger is pulling 42.9% of the public vote. Stay tuned for further updates!