Friday, December 21, 2018

Manny Machado's Team Preferences Were The Evil Ones And The Red Sox

(Getty Images)
According to a "rival" baseball executive, it's been well understood for a while now that Manny Machado—late of the Baltimore Orioles—had a strong desire to remain in the American League East. It's not too surprising that a talented player like Machado would want to stay in the best division in baseball—and one that he knows very well. The surprise comes regarding his new team preferences: either The Bronx Embalmers (where he will probably end up) and (hold on to your 2018 World Series Championship hats) the Red Sox! Said the MLB executive: "I think he ends up in New York. He wanted to be with the Yankees or Red Sox. We’ve known that for a while. And it’s not going to be Boston." No kidding! After his spectacular run-ins with The Carmine Hose (spiking Dustin Pedroia in 2017, running over Steve Pearce's foot in 2018), you'd think Boston would be the last place he'd want to land. But, apparently, he is just another inscrutable "Manny being Manny".