Monday, December 17, 2018

Four Years And $70 Million Might Land Craig Kimbrel Back As Boston Closer

(Getty Images)
Multiple reports are now indicating that Craig Kimbrel's ludicrous "opening bid" parameters for a new free-agent contract (six years, $100 million) are being laughed out of the marketplace. As other quality relievers start falling to teams, his luster is beginning to fade. There is no doubt that Kimbrel is on-pace to enter Cooperstown as one of the two or three greatest closers of all time. Still, he was not well-served by his agents to 'shoot for the moon' as he did early on this off-season. In any event, all of this has conspired to make Kimbrel somewhat more likely to land back in Boston. Most respected trade-related sites estimate that Kimbrel's real value—all things considered—is four years and $70 million. So, that's a reduction in term (by two years), but an increase in average annual value (from $16.7M to $17.5M). Oddly, that latter figure is just about what the Red Sox offered the closer in arbitration. So, stay tuned, we might just have the end of our bullpen back for a repeat run in 2019.