Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The FenwayNation 2019 Calendars Are Flying Off The Proverbial Shelves!

The elves in our FenwayNation store are working overtime (Oops, is this a "little person" micro-aggression? If so, we apologize). The demand for the 2019 FenwayNation Calendar just can't keep up with the supply. And, it's not surprising, really. This year's edition is chock-full of brand new photos of Fenway Park and the 2018 World Series Champion Red Sox. There are several "behind-the-scenes" looks at America's Most Beloved Ballpark that you may have never seen before! Heck, even the cover is awesome—with the fabled CITGO sign bathing in the pale Kenmore Square twilight. You can't get these Carmine Hose-inspired images anywhere else, folks! Think of the perfect Holiday Gifts these puppies will make! So, just fork over $14.99 and you can get your very own copy (or lots of them)—and revel in the championship memories for the full 365 days of 2019. You can order the calendar from our elves HERE. (be sure to click on the "preview" link to see all the pics!)