Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Craig Kimbrel's Agent Shoots For The ($70-$80 Million) Moon For "Best Ever"

(Getty Images)
Turn up the free-agent hype machine! Craig Kimbrel's agent—Dave Meter—is "pitching" his free-agent client as the "best" closer ever in MLB history (and deserving of a $70-$80 million deal). Truth be told, Kimbrel does have a claim to someday being labeled that way—his 'comps' are actually better than Mariano Rivera's at the same spot in their respective careers. Rivera, however, was (except against the Red Sox) a beast in the post-season. Kimbrel, ehhhhh, not so much. In fact, all of us who witnessed his allowing nineteen baserunners in 10.1 innings this October might have a slightly different view than Mr. Meter! Not to mention the scores of "cardiac saves" Kimbrel delivered during the regular season—in stark contrast to his nearly perfect 2017 regular-season. The crazy thing is that Boston has precious few better closer options than Kimbrel available to them this Winter. He's still the best out there—and he's just 30 years-old. It might just make sense to 'suck it up' and sign him for three or four more years. Hey, it's only foreign soccer money, anyway—right, Liverpool honcho John Henry?