Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Are The Red Sox Considering Signing Former AL MVP Josh Donaldson?

(Getty Images)
Remember last August when the Red Sox (and Yankees) were upset at how the Indians acquired Josh Donaldson at the waiver trade deadline—when his health status was still in question? Well, now, the rumor mill is buzzing that the Red Sox may be interested in signing the former AL MVP as a free agent. In 2018, a calf injury allowed Donaldson to play in only 52 games (hitting a miserable .246). But, of course, his career stats are pretty impressive: .275 BA, 182 HRs, .367 OBP, .874 OPS over eight seasons. But, at 32, Donaldson is ten years older than incumbent Red Sox third-baseman Rafael Devers. Of course, one option is moving either Donaldson or Devers to first-base—and keeping Mitch Moreland and/or Steve Pearce as solid bench options. Donaldson is a better defender than Devers—but not by a big enough margin to justify this move (for example, Donaldson has never won a Gold Glove). Donaldson's MVP season was back when he was still in his twenties (29)—so the idea that Boston would gamble on his health holding up and therefore returning him to elite play seems a bit much. We say: stick with the kid at third.