Thursday, November 1, 2018

POLL: Kimbrel Is "Odd-Man-Out" In Red Sox Free-Agent Pitcher Troika

Early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel is the free-agent pitcher most readers would be "comfortable" letting go—among choices of himself, Nathan Eovaldi and Joe Kelly. As the chart shows, nearly six in ten (59%) select Kimbrel as the free-agent to be 'sacrificed', followed by 27% who said Kelly should be the one to go and just 14% who would be "comfortable" letting Eovaldi leave for another destination. Kimbrel—despite his stellar overall stats with the Red Sox, had a shaky post-season—with suggestions at one point that he was tipping his pitches. Once he corrected that, he was again dominant for a couple of outings, then seemed to slip back to uneven performances. Part of Boston's problem is that there are not a lot of better closer choices on the market this Winter—so they might need to 'suck it up', re-sign Kimbrel and keep their fingers crossed. You can still vote in the poll HERE.