Wednesday, November 21, 2018

J.D. Martinez Is Spending A Relaxing Off-Season With Pachyderms In Thailand

Red Sox superstar J.D. Martinez has good reason to relax this off-season. After all, he helped propel Boston to that franchise's ninth World Series title. We all know the particulars: his 43 HRs and MLB-leading 130 RBIs in the regular-season—along with three HRs and 14 RBIs in the 2018 post-season. Pretty spectacular. So, J.D. is probably lounging on a beach somewhere, right? Wrong, championship-champagne-breath! He is in Thailand communing with pretty large elephants—at the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort. Hey, we all have our unique ways of relaxing. More power to him! As far as we're concerned, he can do anything he wants this off-season.