Thursday, November 1, 2018

Day Of Festivities Marred By "Damage Done" Caused By Beer-Can-Throwers

Yesterday's otherwise celebratory World Series victory parade through downtown Boston was marred somewhat by random morons throwing fully-loaded cans of beer at the DuckBoats. While some of the Red Sox players were egging on the can-throwers, several others were randomly tossed at riders with no warning—including many small children traveling with their player Dads. Manager Alex Cora was struck with a partially-filled beer can—and thankfully his own young daughter nearby was unhurt. Separately, an errant beer can struck a fan in the crowd—causing a gash to the face. This type of behavior is indefensible. The Patriots started this crazy run of championships in the early part of this new century, so Boston has had more than enough of these celebrations to do it right. In general, things went smoothly—but there are always a handful of jerks who can potentially ruin things for everyone. We should all act like we've been to these celebrations before—and we have eleven times! So grow up and behave in a way that's worthy of our city and teams!