Friday, November 2, 2018

As Holiday Gift-Giving Nears, The FenwayNation 2019 Calendar Is Ideal Choice

OK, folks, it's already November 2nd. We know, we know, the crazy run to World Series Championship Ring #9 occupied all of your October. But, the fact remains that Thanksgiving is just twenty days away—and Christmas is just 53 days hence. So, all of your gift-giving angst is right around the corner. There is one easy solution—at least for your Red Sox-obsessed family and friends: The 2019 FenwayNation Calendar. This year's edition is chock-full of brand new photos of America's Most Beloved Ballpark and the Red Sox. There are behind-the-scenes looks that shed new light on the Fenway experience, unique takes on the cool angles that truly define our beloved park, and even a look at the oh-so-politically-correct "Fenway Farms" organic vegetable plot (Oy!). Anyway, you will love experiencing all 365 days of 2019 with a reminder of the year The Carmine Hose won their fourth title in just fifteen years. This year's calendar is specially-priced at just $14.99—less than last year's price for the 2018 calendar! You can purchase this year's version by clicking HERE. (Also, be sure to click on the "PREVIEW" link to get a look at each month's cool picture!).