Thursday, October 18, 2018

"Unauthorized Coach" Bounced From Dugout During Red Sox-Yankees ALDS

Major League Baseball is not saying which team was guilty, but an "unauthorized" coach was ejected from the dugout of either the Red Sox or the Yankees during the recent American League Division Series won by Boston. It's hard to tell which team was at fault—but, to be honest—the Red Sox were caught last year during AppleWatchGate (also against the Yankees). Of course, if you ask what we really think—obviously it was The Pinstriped Posers at fault. Hopefully, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred will be a little more transparent on this issue—as the whole "cheating" narrative is starting to take over an otherwise stellar postseason. During the Game 163 "play-in" between the Rockies and Dodgers, there was talk of someone signaling batters from center field and from tunnels to the third base coach and hitter. And, of course, the Astros have been accused of spying on the dugouts of the Indians and Red Sox this postseason as well. Stay tuned.