Sunday, October 21, 2018

Red Sox Will Take On The "Denizens Of Chavez Ravine" In 2018 World Series

In a FenwayNation Poll, just about two-thirds of our readers (65%) said that they preferred the Milwaukee Brewers as an opponent in the upcoming World Series. Well, folks, Travis Shaw is not walking through those visiting clubhouse doors. And neither is the immortal Erik Kratz, or Christian Yelich or even Mike Moustakas. Instead, a far more unlikable crew will be defiling Fenway Park come Tuesday night—the Los Angeles Dodgers. After the well-deserved standing ovation that Red Sox legend (and Dodger manager) Dave Roberts will get at the Game One introductions, all bets are off. This La-La Land group is the easiest to detest since The Bronx Embalmers came to town. Between Manny "Spikes High" Machado and Yasiel "Look At Me, I'm A Buffoon" Puig, there will be multiple reasons to send these guys back to Malibu with their pretentious tails tucked firmly between their legs. Beating these guys will be so much more satisfying—with millions more watching than a Brewers-Sox series would have produced. In all honesty, this is the better match-up. Glitter versus Grit. Hubris versus Hard Work. Magic versus Bird. Bring it on.