Thursday, October 25, 2018

Red Sox Respond To Charges Of Snubbing Curt Schilling In WS Ceremony

Our latest FenwayNation Poll update shows that almost four in five readers (78%) disagree with the decision by the Red Sox not to invite Curt Schilling to last night's ceremonial first pitch by 2004 World Series champion players (see accompanying chart). In the wake of the apparent blow-back, the team issued the following statement through Red Sox spokeswoman Zineb Curran: "The ceremonial first pitch started with a couple of 2004 guys and then grew organically as we learned of other ’04 players who were planning to be at the ballpark for Game 2. There was no blanket invite to the entire team, and no slight intended to anyone not included." It's unclear whether this explanation will fly—or tamp down the apparent outrage over what at least appears to be the NOG (New Ownership Group) laying down a political litmus test for Schilling. To be fair, Schilling has stated that—even if invited—he would not have attended the ceremony last night. Still, the consensus among fans seems to be that—particularly in this day and age—we should be able to separate politics and baseball. Stay tuned. You can still vote in our poll HERE.